Best Place To Start The Night
Kaldi Bar

Early in the night when you still have all your friends with you and before you want to go dancing, Kaldi is the place to be. The small bar draws a large crowd most nights with its fine selection of Kaldi beers (including the ever-popular unfiltered Kaldi), and its comfortable seating areas encourage patrons to converse. Pop on in, grab a table and kick a few back with your comrades before you start your hardcore partying.
— http://grapevine.is/mag/feature/2014/07/21/best-of-reykjavik-2014-drinking-and-nightlife/
Where: Laugavegi 20b (up Klapparstígur)
When: 16-19
What: Draft beer, wine
Why: Kaldi bar draws its name from the beer Kaldi, which is brewed in a small brewery in the north of Iceland. The place is only one of very few places where you can get Kaldi beer on tap. It just so happens that it‘s one of Reykjavík‘s „it places“ at the moment, usually packed with a trendy crowd.
— http://www.whatson.is/article/reykjaviks-best-happy-hours/
36 Hours in Reykjavik
10 p.m.
4. Civilized Sips
Start at the year-old Kaldi Bar, where there are several cozy nooks in which to sip a pint of caramel-tinged Kaldi dark.
— http://www.nytimes.com/2013/09/22/travel/36-hours-in-reykjavik.html?_r=0
Kaldi — has Icelandic beer on tap

Designed as a healthier alternative to the additive-heavy international beers widely consumed in Iceland since the end of prohibition, the country’s own Kaldi beer (brewed to a special Czech recipe) went down well with Icelanders on its 2005 launch and has sold well since.
Fortunately, you don’t have to head to its northern Icelandic brewery to drink it fresh — this industrial-styled Reykjavik brew bar offers four varieties on tap, including the brand’s unfiltered crowd favorite.
— http://travel.cnn.com/11-reykjaviks-coolest-bars-872221